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The importance of having a professionally drafted will

A will is one of the most important documents, when dealing with a deceased estate, as it ensures that the final wishes of the deceased are adhered to.

A clear will may also avoid disputes and prevent unnecessary complications in the winding up of the estate.

The importance of a professionally drafted last will and testament

It is advisable that an attorney should draft your will, as in many cases pre- printed wills that have been purchased and require you to fill in the blank spaces are rejected by the Master of the High Court.

Numerous proforma wills are not detailed or accurate enough and as the persons completing the pro forma will are not aware of the legalities relating to wills, they do not comply with the formalities of executing a will.

DIY wills

The completion of a DIY will is not recommended, because without sound knowledge of the legalities of drafting of wills, your final wishes could end up not being fulfilled. Or even worse, lengthy lawsuits could ensue as beneficiaries fight over possible ambiguities in the DIY will.

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