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The Fineprint on Property Defects - The Voetstoots Clause

When dealing with an offer to purchase on a property, one is likely to come across what is known as the “Voetstoots clause”.

Its’ basic purpose is to shield the Seller from any subsequent action by the Purchaser, on the discovery of any defects he/she was not aware of at the time of signing the offer to purchase.

Parking Bays and the Decisions made by the Body Corporate

A buyer of a unit in a sectional title scheme may be worried when the property description in the Offer to Purchaser fails to mention the simultaneous transfer of a Parking Bay or Garage space (“PB1” or “G1” for example).

Does flying a drone over another’s property constitute trespassing?

One day in July of 2015 William Meredith spotted a drone flying over his property in Kentucky.

This is a tough, but hopeful budget

The focus of this year's budget speech was essentially investing in the education of our future leaders, and property buyers.

The New Income Tax Rates

In developing these tax proposals, government reviewed the potential contributions from the three major tax instruments which raise over 80% of our revenue; personal and corporate income tax and VAT

Our Conveyancing Attorneys share 5 Tips for New Property Buyers

Throughout the process of house hunting, it’s easy to overlook important drawbacks whilst admiring the charming aspects of a new home.

Buying property can be one of the most important purchases you will ever make, so be prepared and have a plan before diving into the thrill of house hunting.

Land Tenure Act Unconstitutional Finding Halts Eviction

Although the government attempted to provide ownership rights to those who did not have the opportunities to these rights under apartheid, the Act was unfortunately flawed.

The Act paved the way for further gender injustices to ensue due to the fact that land tenure rights had only been granted to men in the first place.

Withholding of Rental Deposit

It is unfortunate when tenants do their part in terms of the general upkeep of the property or paying their monthly rent on time and still have to encounter problems in terms of arbitrary withholding of the rental deposit by the landlord.


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