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Velile Tinto Cape Inc is built on the foundation of excellence in service to its clients & integrity in its dealings. We have a wide & diversified client base & are approached on a weekly basis by new companies, in order to assist them with their conveyancing & commercial requirements. We ensure that our clients are frequently updated on the progress of their matters. We strive to always exceed our experienced, yet dynamic reputation.

Our Background

Velile Tinto Cape Inc was founded in 2005. We are a black owned firm in terms of the BEE definition. Started by Abdullah Salie & Anton Der Kinderen, their goal was to take customer service in the legal property field to a new level with specific attention to client reporting & building relationships. Nadine Pansegrouw & Louis van der Merwe joined since inception & helped build the firm into the concern it is now. Kashiefa Abrahams-Toffar joined shortly after her tenor in the banking industry as a specialist in Commercial Property Finance & Developments We have established a considerable national footprint of offices & a wide established correspondent base, ensuring that we are able to provide all clients with service anywhere in the country. Our practice has founded itself in focused fields of law, & our core area of expertise & experience focuses itself in Property Law. We now have a staff compliment of close to 90 staff with 5 offices in Kenilworth, Bellville, Mitchells Plain, Big Bay & Somerset West.

Mission Statement

We recruit only the best personnel because we believe that with the right staff & motivated people we can achieve success. Regular training courses & staff meetings are held to enhance service & productivity. We have blended BEE with expertise in the way we believe to be correct. We believe that an informed client is a satisfied client. Our company uses the "sms & email facility" from the AVID vendor. This facility notifies the client immediately when the bond instruction is received from the bank, when lodgement takes place, when the deed is up on prep, when registration takes place etc. Over & above this facility all our files are available for inspection at all times. All clients receive a log-in code with which they may inspect their matters. As a result our clients are kept up to date on the status of their matter. The firm has a 360 ° feedback policy. Management ensures that all policies & standards are consistently adhered to & provides coaching to all staff. Our employees are given the opportunity to attend courses to expand their knowledge & skills